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Ocean Extreme will take you on an exciting, unforgettable 60 minute adventure taking in the spectacular landmarks that Sydney Harbour has to offer. Ocean Extreme aims to show you the most amazing Sydney Harbour and spectacular coastline scenery, whilst experiencing an offshore adventure that only they can deliver. Ocean Extreme has two RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) and was a pioneer for RIB adventures in Australia. An unrestricted speed permit allows Ocean Extreme to be the fastest commercially operated vessel on Sydney Harbour. Both of Ocean Extreme’s RIBs are designed specifically to speed through open water and go off shore, constantly getting airborne and jumping waves, giving you an experience only available with Ocean Extreme!

Email: enqs@oceanextreme.com.au

Website: www.oceanextreme.com.au

Ocean Extreme Booking Office
Sydney, New South Wales, 2000

Guest Facilities:
Car park, Checkin Desk, Public Telephone, Waiting Area

Experiences you can enjoy at Ocean Extreme:
Adventure, Beach, Lakes/Rivers/Dams

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Ocean Extreme

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Ocean Extreme

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